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A note about the site being in "alpha"

As the site is in alpha, everything saved to the database is not permanent. When I launch the site into a beta status the entire contents of the database will be reinitialized (wiped out).

You can play around all you want on the website. Nothing will be saved permanently.

IRC Driven is back in action!

We are back!

I have begun working on the website even further. It's been difficult trying to find decent apps to implement in Django. I really love the customizations I am able to do around the entire site.

newton (aka Sindacious) for anyone who would remember is back and possibly going to rejoin development. Trixar_za is now part of the staff as a developer. He will be in charge of the Forum and IRC Wiki (currently at

I have come to the conclusion that IRC Driven will remain the official site and name. I have registered several other domains which will in time point to their appropriate section of the website. This could change at any time, though.

Domains I own:

  • - This will handle all indexing ...


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