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IRC Driven News

Beta 2 has arrived!

Beta 2 has arrived!

It’s been years since I started this new rewrite of IRC Driven, initially started in 2014. I release beta 1 about 2 years ago and again was unable to work on the site. It pleases me to bring to you guys Beta 2 of IRC Driven 3.0.


The bots have been entirely rewritten in Python with the Twisted Library. All major bots are fully functional, including the indexer.
This includes these bots:

  • Indexer Bot
  • Presignup Bot
  • Admin checking bot
  • Admin Debug Bot (you will never see this).

Functionality of the Indexer Bot

What Works
  • Index …

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Network News

I have finished adding all the parts needed for you to submit news related to your network. You can even display it publically on the home page (with approval). Markdown is supported.

Have fun!

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And....we are back!

So it’s been almost 2 years. After several pushes by several people, I continued development on IRC Driven. I’ve added a ton of stuff already, the indexer functionality is almost entirely completed, but at this current state can now index IRC networks at it’s current state.

I am almost ready to put the site into Beta 2. I am always seeking people to help with development as I am currently the sole developer for the website. The site is written in Python/Django. The API is written in Django Rest Framework. The IRC bots are written in Python with the Twisted …

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The new bots have been launched

I have resolved the bugs that was blocking this and the bots are now running.

Network Submissions should work now.
The bots will crawl at their respective rotations (right now 4 hours for each network).

The admin check bot is not entirely complete, but will be shortly.

Now all we need is networks.

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About the new bots

It’s been a few weeks since I launched “Beta 1” and felt an update.

The indexer bot is almost complete, I’ve literally got 1 major bug I am trying to fix, plus a few things to add, before launching them entirely.

Technically all of the bots are rolled into one script using Python/Twisted. I’ve automated the entire system on a push based method.

Here is some details of the bots

PreSignup Bot

This is the bot that will verify your network meets our minimum requirements.

Steps Taken
1. User submits a network to the network submission page
2. Literally as …

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Network News

TechNet becomes the IRC Driven guinea pig.

You heard it! Thanks to ComputerTech, TechNet is now the guinea pig for me to abuse in order to test functionality for the bots.

I, in no way endorse IRC networks as that is a conflict of interest and am honestly only writing this news posting to get the feature …

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