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Welcome to IRC Driven!

IRC Driven is a modern IRC indexing site and search engine. Originally started in 2006, inspired by the now defunct SearchIRC, and after several rewrites we are now evolving into a social media platform for IRC. Our goal is to bring awareness to IRC, help modernize the IRC platform and prove that IRC is not dead.

Network and channel owners, admins, operators and users can all interact with each other. Network and channels can be indexed, users can create profile, channels also get their own pages based on the network channel list. We provide several different tools to feature and highlight your network in many ways.

So what are you waiting for? Create an account, submit your network, add a quote, and create your profile today!



We had about a week of downtime because Google Domains decided to try and verify my email the one day I was doing email server maintenance in years, and suspended ALL of my domains including the ones I used for my email. I transferred my domains to GoDaddy (where I work), but the transfer took 5 days to complete. Sorry for the downtime.

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Channel Logging Bot => Channel Bot

I have pushed a lot of changes to the website, but the most notable change is the Channel Logging Bot is now a more featureful bot.

You can also (as network admins) name the bot a custom name and identify it to NickServ. You must do this before connecting or the only way to reconnect the bot would be to /kill it or wait until I restart them. Another option is to remove all channels using the bot which causes the bot to quit, and then readding it. The bot will reconnect on a /kill which is honestly the easiest …

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Today's "Did you know?" segment

So I wanted to bring a few features we have that are not used a lot you may like for your network.

Remote Server Indexing

If your network supports remote commands, such as /lusers server.network.tld, /motd server.network.tld, etc then you can enable the Remote Commands option in your Network's options.
Doing so will give you a few extra options

  • You will be able to add servers not current indexed to be indexed. If the server never gets indexed it won't ever show up. You can do this from the Server page on your network when Remote Commands is …

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Network Admin check bot fixed

I noticed a bunch of failed network admin access checked and found the bot broke in a recent update. This has been resolved, you should be able to check and validate network access again. Let me know if there are any issues.

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Latest Network News

IRC4Fun now allows TOR

IRC4Fun now allows TOR (with SASL Authentication)


IRC4Fun now allows TOR connections – please see https://irc4fun.net/r/tor for more information.

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Round Robin Geo DNS implantation.

TechNet’s Round Robin now automatically redirects users accordingly to the users geo location, so now there is no need to try find the best server for lowest latency.

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Newnet IRC Network is back!

deepend has been working hard to bring Newnet back. There are multiple servers in different areas which would help somewhat with latency. See https://newnet.net/servers for the list.

If you previously had a services user, you will need to re-register. Any channels you own you will need to re-register as well. …

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Growing network

Hello friends!
Our network want to increase the team, and we are searching for:
- php dev to implement ajax in our php querys
- c# dev to develop an irc client for our network
- Android and iOS dev to create a new irc client for mobile stores
- …

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More networks are joining the PyLink. Last week we linked 2 new networks to the pylink, coders-irc, and iChat. Welcome aboard ya’ll. Let’s keep the irc dream alive!!

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