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<ComputerTech> choo choo!
<ComputerTech> :P
* ComputerTech puts foxy in the train
<ComputerTech> ;x
<daniel> Don't run a train on foxy
<ComputerTech> D:
<foxy> gross
<ComputerTech> wot
<ComputerTech> how's that gross?
<ComputerTech> o.O
<Worm`> If you don't know it's better off
<@TorS> colby suck me please 
<ComputerTech> pay me in cash upfront first
<~Foxy> wof is sick 
<~Foxy> i told him he sucks too much dick  
<~ComputerTech> he does 
<~Foxy> but you get paid to suck dick? 
<~ComputerTech> sure do 
<~ComputerTech> pays for the medication 
<~Peorth> turning tricks in the parking lot
[04:59] (@ComputerTech) happy birthday bandit o/  
[05:00] (&Foxy) does that mean ComputerTech will blow you for free today?  
[05:00] (@ComputerTech) depends  
[05:01] (@ComputerTech) he'll need to buy me better kneepads
<vae> those poor sheep being infected by ct  
<vae> gonna name a new variant after you.  baaaaaavid.
<ComputerTech> term99, mind i pm? :> 
<term99> lol, the real question is "can i pm you, sure i dont mind at all" the problem for the pmmer is the lack of response from the pmee, then you'll know if the pm was successful :)
<%ComputerTech> jexxley you suck
<&jexxley> "are you gonna suck my dick, or am i gonna suck my dick?"
<earthrocker> Sorry I'm too busy making money and being a real nigga to keep up with acronyms
<daniel> I probably make more in a week than you do in a month
<Y3T1> Earthrocker makes money right now because of the baby formula shortage. He’s selling his man boob milk by the pint
<Y3T1> Also hi
<daniel> thanks for giving me those images in my head.
<daniel> I will have more nightmares now.
<+Pennywise/mp> sh: 1: %blow: not found
<+Pennywise/mp> oooh 
<+Pennywise/mp> that didnt work
<+Pennywise/mp> it's supposed to say no such job
<+Pennywise/mp> bash: %blow: No such file or directory
<+Pennywise/mp> booo
<+Pennywise/mp> craig@craig-desktop:~$ %blow
<+Pennywise/mp> bash: fg: %blow: no such job
-*- Pennywise/mp stops being immature