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Libera.Chat #btrfs btrfs.rtfd.io | Pastebin your kernel logs: nc cwillu.com 10101 < /dev/kmsg | Latest progs: v6.6.2 335
KampungChat #asiachat Welcome to AsiaChat @ KampungChat Thanks Still in this Channel 330
OFTC #postmarketos-porting For postmarketOS device porting | Don't paste logs directly, use pastebin, e.g. https://paste.ubuntu.com 330
Libera.Chat #zsh 5.9 released | https://zsh.sourceforge.io/ | https://zsh.sourceforge.io/FAQ | https://tinyurl.com/zsh-refcard-pdf | Can't talk? Register https://libera.chat/guides/registration | Just ask. | Nobody here or everybody clueless? Try the zsh-users mailinglist: https://www.zsh.org/mla/ 329
Libera.Chat #macosx  Sonoma 14.1.2 (23B92/23B2091) - Ventura 13.6.1 (22G313) 13.6.2 (22G320/22G2321) - Monterey 12.7.1 (21G920) | Rules: http://osxwiki.net/mr | ~ops for op attention | Can't chat? /MSG CoreInfo cant_chat | Security Updates: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1222 323
Libera.Chat #kde-new-contributors 320
OFTC #ceph http://ceph.com/get || dev channel #ceph-devel || test lab channel #sepia || dashboard channel: #ceph-dashboard 320
IRC4Fun #computertech Welcome to #ComputerTech | Northern Irish vs Aussies 319
Libera.Chat #reddit-sysadmin Home of r/sysadmin | NO Politics, Religion, Doxxing, Racism | DoTheNeedful! https://dotheneedful.online | Channel Stats: https://stats.donger.io | Keep it (mostly) safe for work. 319
Libera.Chat #firefox Welcome to the unofficial Firefox community channel. The official Mozilla Matrix chat is on https://chat.mozilla.org 317
Libera.Chat #windows Supported Windows OS Support and Discussion: Be polite, factual, constructive, and topical. | Do not use DD to make a usb drive! | More info and guidelines: https://libera-windows.com/ | See also #windows-social #windows-server #windows-legacy #windows-wsl | Licensing is offtopic 316
Libera.Chat #node.js Register to talk: https://git.io/vaTS2 | Latest: v21.3.0 (LTS: Iron v20.10.0; Hydrogen v18.19.0; EOL: Gallium v16.20.1, Fermium v14.21.3, Erbium v12.22.12, Dubnium v10.24.1, Carbon v8.17.0, Boron v6.17.1, Argon v4.9.1, v19/17/15/13/11/9/7, <= v5) | Mission Statement: https://j.mp/node-irc-mission-statement | codes of conduct: https://j.mp/1RFlyvr trolling: https://j.mp/2CW9KIE 313
Libera.Chat #c++-general C++ algorithms, libraries, practices, projects, tools. || pastes: https://godbolt.org || stats/logs: https://i.pjj.cc/lb || channels: #c++ #c++-basic #c++-social #geordi 311
EFnet #lrh LRH THIS FRIDAY! 306
KampungChat #global ••••••••••• Welcome to Global. The Official Global Chat & Quiz @KampungChat iRC Network. Have Fun And Enjoy Your Stay! ••••••••••• 305
Libera.Chat #mpv mpv - video/audio player | http://mpv.io | http://mpv.io/manual/ | Dev.: #mpv-devel | Offtopic: #mpv-offtopic | Don't ask to ask | List of releases and release notes: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/releases | https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki/FAQ | USE A PASTE SITE, DON'T PASTE YOUR LOGS IN THE CHANNEL 300
KampungChat #lepakfm •••• Selamat Datang Ke Official Radio Online LepakFM Layari Website Http://LepakFM.org or Https://Audio.LepakFM.org Webrequest Https://Request.lepakFM.org Have Fun And Enjoy Your Stay! ••••••••••2• 299
KampungChat #terengganu Selamat Datang Ke #Terengganu Darul Iman @ KampungChat.Org.|*** TER(EN*GGANU*** | 293
OFTC #freedombox FreedomBox user support and discussion | https://freedombox.org | https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Manual | #freedombox-dev for developers 289
Libera.Chat #crypto Cryptography theory and practice, not cryptocurrency (try ##altcoins -- or better yet, just don't) | Resources: https://gist.github.com/atoponce/ef0c369546abb4b2936f8725b95909f6 | Morality is an inextricable part of our work: https://web.cs.ucdavis.edu/~rogaway/papers/moral-fn.pdf 288
Libera.Chat #commonlisp Common Lisp, the #1=(programmable . #1#) programming language | Wiki: <https://www.cliki.net> | IRC Logs: <https://irclog.tymoon.eu/libera/%23commonlisp> | Cookbook: <https://lispcookbook.github.io/cl-cookbook> | Pastebin: <https://plaster.tymoon.eu/> 287
EFnet #elonmusk https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1619899152019906562 282
Undernet #transfagarasan #transfagarasan Welcome And Have Fun Transfagarasan ( www.transfagarasan.net ) 281
Libera.Chat #freebsd-irc This is the overflow channel for #freebsd, which requires registration to join. To register: https://libera.chat/guides/registration We *highly* recommend using SASL: https://libera.chat/guides/sasl If you have questions or need help, just ask in #freebsd-irc 277
Libera.Chat #zfsonlinux https://openzfs.org 277
OFTC #asahi-dev Asahi Linux: porting Linux to Apple Silicon macs | Non-development talk: #asahi | General development | GitHub: https://alx.sh/g | Wiki: https://alx.sh/w | Logs: https://alx.sh/l/asahi-dev 276
EFnet #8star 275
EFnet #asian 🛑 Asian H8 274
IRC-nERDs #nerds [18+] [Official IRC-nERDs Channel] [ ipv4: irc.irc-nerds.net / ipv6: irc6.irc-nerds.net ] [ WebChat: https://webchat.irc-nerds.net ] [http://comic.shift-insert.com/#nerds] [ Discord: https://discord.gg/AmaKQxdkhq] Ask your question and hope for an answer, invite your friends. We talk shit and nerd. 273
Coders-IRC #nerds [18+] [Official IRC-nERDs Channel] [ ipv4: irc.irc-nerds.net / ipv6: irc6.irc-nerds.net ] [ WebChat: https://webchat.irc-nerds.net ] [http://comic.shift-insert.com/#nerds] [ Discord: https://discord.gg/AmaKQxdkhq] Ask your question and hope for an answer, invite your friends. We talk shit and nerd. 273
HybridIRC #wixchat Welcome to #wixchat on HybridIRC 🦉 | 🛠️ Create your own chat room: https://www.hybridirc.com/help/create-your-own-chat-room/ | 🆓 Add free webchat client with audio/video conferencing feature to your website: https://www.hybridirc.com/embedding/ | For IRCop assistance, please /join #Help | Thank you for using HybridIRC! 🙏👍😊 272
Libera.Chat #netbsd NetBSD 9.3: out now! | 10.0-RC1 builds available now | https://www.NetBSD.org 272
EFnet #saipanpredatorwatch Thomas Christopher Mitchell aka 'tronn' is a PEDOPHILE | https://saipanpredator.watch/ | https://sodomhussein.com 271
Rizon #chat Welcome to #chat where it's nearly time to murder large birds for a special occasion | Are you thankful for over eating, and dealing with relatives you would rather avoid? 271
Libera.Chat #tmux tmux is a terminal multiplexer | http://tmux.github.io/ | FAQ: https://github.com/tmux/tmux/wiki/FAQ | man page: http://man.openbsd.org/OpenBSD-current/man1/tmux.1 271
EFnet #asians 🛑 Asian H8 271
Libera.Chat #fsf Official IRC home of the Free Software Foundation | Already an FSF member? #fsf-members | Last chance to nominate for this year's Free Software Awards: https://u.fsf.org/40l | Register for LP24 and share: https://u.fsf.org/414 270
Undernet #bookz The fountain of Knowledge! | @search @seek @find !seen | Stay polite! | You MUST be able to use DCC, so web clients will not work! 270
Libera.Chat #gnu Official channel for the GNU Project | See https://gnu.org/server/irc-rules and https://gnu.org/philosophy/kind-communication | Please keep discussions related to the GNU project, GNU development, and the GNU GPL. For other topics see #gnu-offtopic 267
Undernet #undernet Welcome to our WONDERFUL NETWORK! | WEBSITE: https://undernet.org/ | NEWS: https://undernet.org/news ( Undernet's WebChat -> https://chat.undernet.org ) 266
OFTC #postmarketos-mainline Mainlining Linux phones/tablets | Note: Only for mainline kernel development! Discuss downstream/vendor kernel device porting in #postmarketos-porting 266
IRCnet #romania 266
Libera.Chat #kubernetes Welcome to #kubernetes :) It's an inofficial IRC channel for the kubernetes community. Note that IRC is a slow medium and you sometimes need to stick around for an answer 265
Libera.Chat #ircv3 https://ircv3.net | Roadmap: https://git.io/IRCv3-Roadmap | Code of conduct: https://ircv3.net/conduct 264
Libera.Chat #centos Use https://paste.centos.org for 3+ lines|Only current CentOS Linux release (7.9.2009) is supported; run yum update to get current|#centos-stream for Stream support|#centos-social for idle chat|Read https://wiki.centos.org/irc|Backports: http://tinyurl.com/k9738z9|Some thinking required|Be polite and considerate|Infra status: https://status.centos.org|No drama|CVE-2023-4911 see @looney 264
Libera.Chat #java Welcome! || Read Channel Rules at https://javachannel.org/ before participating. || Paste limit is two lines; ~pastebin lists options. || No applets, please. || Minecraft, Android, and Javascript all have their own channel. || You are being logged. 261
Libera.Chat #postfix The Postfix MTA ** now 24 years old! || Register with Nickserv to speak libera.chat/guides/registration || See !getting_help and show a paste URL of !relevant_logs & !showconfig before asking questions / check your *LOGS* / know your unix basics || On using IRC, workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc || Mailing lists moved to sys4.de hosting 2023-03-07 261
Libera.Chat #kde-plasmamobile 259
Libera.Chat #opensuse Welcome to #opensuse support | Rules: https://bit.ly/3lfN09u | openSUSE Leap 15.5 is out https://get.opensuse.org/leap | Search: http://search.opensuse.org | Bugs: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/ | Services: https://status.opensuse.org/ | FAQ: https://bit.ly/3PqSmfQ | Off-topic: #opensuse-chat 258
Libera.Chat #elixir Elixir and ecosystem channel | https://elixir-lang.org | Latest v1.15 255