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Network News for TechNet

TechNet becomes the IRC Driven guinea pig.

You heard it! Thanks to ComputerTech, TechNet is now the guinea pig for me to abuse in order to test functionality for the bots.

I, in no way endorse IRC networks as that is a conflict of interest and am honestly only writing this news posting to get the feature rolling for the home page, which makes TechNet even more of a guinea pig in that sense.

I do appreciate everything the staff of TechNet has been doing to help me. While, yes I am a staff member myself there, when I started running IRC Driven I honestly have lost interest in participating in IRC politics or being actual admins anywhere.

Also congrats for TechNet being the first public network news posting even if it’s still written by me, the developer.

But hey, I run a secondary #ircdriven channel there, so if you wish to check it out, go for it!

Last updated 10 months, 1 week ago