As we get closer to the full 3.0 release of IRC Driven, I wanted to point out some new features and changes.

Network Pages

The network pages section is almost entirely built and manageable. When a network is registered, the first person goes through a check where a bot sees if you are an IRCop and sends you a notice with a link to approve/deny the request. After that, you become the super user for the network and all future network admins are added/removed by you. Transferring of super user requires IRC Driven Staff intervention. Only the chat page has missing features which will use a webirc gateway that is partially setup.

Channel Pages

Channel pages is almost fully built, but there are a few new features needed, such as how channel admins will be added and handled. Same with chat. I might add a news section for channels, most definitely will but not a priority as it was not originally planned. I expect more people to care about network pages then channel pages, but definitely want to give channel pages the same ability.

Asynchronous bots

I have spent a great amount of time making the indexing bots asynchronous using Twisted and Treq with asyncio functions. This will improve the performance of the bots and make indexes way quicker.

Profile pages

A lot of you guys may notice, we have profile pages now, that are being linked to your username around the site. This will have small details about yourself, and an activity feed of what you've done. You can now follow and unfollower users, block users (only stops profile views currently), follow networks, possibly follow channels as well (undecided) and send messages.


I have added messaging to the site, where you can send direct messages to each other. It is not meant to be a live chat feature (that's what IRC is for), but allows you to contact other members and staff directly. It's pretty basic but works well.


There is now a bell icon next to your profile when logged in, it will serve you notifications for new messages, network news articles (if you follow a network), being added as a network admin, new followers, and other things will be added eventually.

The Future

Planned features include an activity feed for the user profiles, a live logging bot for channels to log directly to the website. Downloads page, quotes database for site, which will tie into a quotes database for every channel (possibly network). An IRC roulette feature (will randomly connect you to a new network/channel on every refresh). Global IRC Statistics, which we plan on running an entirely separate indexer bot to gather stats for all IRC servers on the IPv4 range. Plenty of new features I can't remember or we haven't fully planned yet.

Note: This will be my last announcement until I deem IRC Driven 3.0 as out of beta and into a full release.

I appreciate the support I've gotten. The site has never looked this good, or been this complete even in the old PHP days.

IRC Driven 2.0

I thought I'd mention before I close this. IRC Driven 2.0 was kind of a thing, it was a rewrite in PHP with a brand new design. A lot was done but it technically never made any sort of launch. Never had any data, networks etc. I scrapped it and made the move to Django/Python and started development on 3.0. Development for 3.0 technically started in 2014, but got stalled several times. The site is in a full working state now with active indexing and activity. I am so happy we have made it to this state and look forward to the future.