So it's been almost 2 years. After several pushes by several people, I continued development on IRC Driven. I've added a ton of stuff already, the indexer functionality is almost entirely completed, but at this current state can now index IRC networks at it's current state.

I am almost ready to put the site into Beta 2. I am always seeking people to help with development as I am currently the sole developer for the website. The site is written in Python/Django. The API is written in Django Rest Framework. The IRC bots are written in Python with the Twisted library. The design is written in Bootstrap 4, I plan on updating to Bootstrap 5 soon.

I am pretty excited for getting things up and running. I appreciate everyone who's given me the push, and supports me on this project.

And on another note. IRC Driven is technically 15 years old. I started the project in the beginning of 2006, it was launched in 2007, and relaunched in 2008. The site has gone through several design transformations. Several rewrites, etc.

More news coming soon.