I have worked so hard on the site the past few weeks that I have finally (a few years late) produced a beta version of the new website.

Where do I even begin on the new feature!?

Network's don't get to have all the fun, we now offer exclusive channel pages embedded into the networks. This will allow you to have just about the same level of customization as the network pages do.

The entire site is built using Python 3 and Django. I am using the Material Design Bootstrap 4 library, which has allowed me to create this great interface. Don't be fooled, I wrote most of this from scratch.

With that being said, as you may notice, the entire database has been wiped. That's all users, networks, everything. Kudos goes out to DareNET for letting me abuse their network to test the new bots and for that they will be the first network on the website. I have basically been using them as guinee pigs.

The forum is brand new and integrates nicely into the website. It is Django Machina, and it work great! With that, Markdown is supported in forum posts, as well as long descriptions and other aspects of the site.

What's to come?

Within the next few weeks I am hoping to bring the bots online, as they are still in development. They are being written in Python with the Twisted framework. It's come a long way from the old PHP bots from 10 years ago.

There will be a lot of rapid development going on with hopefully weekly updates. I am super dedicated right now and I want to get this put out as soon as possible.

There is a wiki that is being built and will replace irc.wiki. I plan on working to transfer all the content from there to the new wiki built into the website.

What do we need?


I am working on my own with this, if you know Python, or Django, or hell, even bootstrap, I could really use your help.


I will be hoping to find a few guinee pigs who will want to be the first networks indexed which will help me test the bots out more. We could also use the promotion as since IRC Driven died a long time ago... we need to bring the word out.


Please, let me know what I can do to improve the site. What would you like to see? This site is about the IRC community and networks. I want to build what you want.

Final thoughts

I haven't decided on putting advertisement on the website... because you know... things cost. But honestly for now I can afford the resources just fine.
I will never implement a premium feature. All features will be free and open to everyone.

If you wish to have a conversation, join us on FreeNode in #ircdriven.