So I wanted to bring a few features we have that are not used a lot you may like for your network.

Remote Server Indexing

If your network supports remote commands, such as /lusers, /motd, etc then you can enable the Remote Commands option in your Network's options.
Doing so will give you a few extra options

  • You will be able to add servers not current indexed to be indexed. If the server never gets indexed it won't ever show up. You can do this from the Server page on your network when Remote Commands is enabled.
  • Every time the network is indexed, the bots will attempt to remotely index all servers currently in IRC Driven's database. Be sure there are no command throttling for the bots or the information may be incomplete or fail altogether.

Channel Admins

Network owners can give channel owners access to their channel information directly by accessing the channel admin page.
If you are a network admin on the website, you will have access to all channels on the network, on the website.
Giving Channel Admins access gives them the ability to:

  • Update Channel Information
  • Enable Channel Logging

Network History Timeline

On your network pages, if you click the History tab, you can add events specifically in chronological order to display. This will create a timeline showing when things such as the network's founding date, server joined, admin joined, etc. You can add and delete these items as network admins for the networks you manage. It doesn't matter in what order you add the events, it will always list them per the date set.

Network News

You can provide network news on the news tab of your network page, and if you select the public box, it will be submitted for approval for the home page "network news" column. Posts that are public, in order to be approved, need to be more than just a few sentences, professionally written, and showing significant details.

Random Chat

Under the Channels menu drop down in the navigation there is a "Random Channels" link. This works as a chat roulette style interface for IRC. It selects a random network and a random channel from that network. You never know where you will end up every time you refresh. It's a good way to find new people, channels, networks, etc. A random network is selected first instead of just a random channel from the entire list to ensure all networks have a fair chance of being selected. If just a random channel from all channels was selected the top networks would dominate it. So give it a shot.