Known Issues

Normal priority

  • Search functionality does not work, will be added shortly.
  • ~~There are areas where the counts are not showing correctly for stats.~~ [Fixed]
  • ~~Footer isn't flushed to the bottom~~ [Fixed]
  • ~~Server MOTD is mangled, this happens because of the data being indexed.~~ [Fixed]
  • Formatting issues for topics, motd's and other stuff. Still haven't found a way to convert mIRC coding in Python. (Will be stripping mIRC formatting from all content).
  • ~~Login redirects you to profile, should redirect to where you last came from.~~ [Fixed]

Forum Issues

Poll and attachments add button not working make delete label wrong.

My main focus is fixing the login issues right now because of caching. I will update this post with new information as available.

Submitting a bug

When submitting a bug, I ask you provide me a few details
* What was the URL you were on.
* What was the error
* Was there any special input you typed
* What were you trying to do
* A possible screenshot would help too.

Things to submit

  • 500 errors, 400 errors, any errors really
  • Theme inconsistencies, such as mismatching colors (the forums dont count, I kept the styling from Machina with a few alterations).
  • Pages with warped information due to theme errors or formatting.
  • Security risks, I prefer you email me at daniel[@] before disclosing this.

Do not submit these

  • Missing content, unless it seems very peculiar because as this site is in rapid development there will be a lot of things missing.
  • Things you do not like, but I do think it would be best to post in the Support forum about any features you would like.