Channel Bot Discussion

I plan on expanding the channel bot and wanted to gauge some requested features.

Current Features

Channel Logging and user lists
Weather Forecasts

Planned features

  • Quote submitting and pulling
  • !seen support
  • Search Support for the site

  • Access support
    I am going to be working on a way to identify to the channel bot using your IRC Driven username, I am opting to use tokens instead of your password which can be generated by the users.
    So it would be /msg ircdrivenbotnick login websiteuser token. I will also add a feature to allow the bot to remember logins based on ident/hostmask (both must be required for this).
    You will be able to add extra security by setting an ident and/or hostmask requirement.

This could possibly be used for channel access, like opping, voice, etc, and that may be considered.

Benefits of this:

  • Associating your IRC nickname on a network will allow you to link your channel log messages to your profile. The account will be attach to each channel log message. So changing your nickname will not affect previous messages.
  • Allows the channel bot to remember things about users, such as weather location, user data, etc
  • Allow Network Admins/Channel Admins to perform certain functions/setting changes via the site directly.
  • If you submit a quote using the bot it will link it to the network, channel, and website user.
  • Allows further restrictions to the bot if needed for certain commands (I can create access levels).


  • I will have to track the username, ident, hostmask in a separate table to manage logins to each network. I can however, set an auto login feature honestly if an ident/hostmask is specified (ident must be working, no ~ident).
  • When the channel bot is restarted, it will clear all logins (auto logins would auto identify if an entry matches, this can be global for networks). It will be a setting that has be toggled.
  • Need to determine if networks/channels should be able to disable auto login for their channels for extra security.

Considered Features

  • Possibly having news post alerts to channels when a network/channel posts a new article on the website showing article title and url.

I would love some more discussion on this if anyone has other ideas of things I can add to the channel bot. This is becoming an IRC link to the actual website and content.