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Thoughts on netsplit.de vs IRC Driven, and a small rant.

Thoughts on netsplit.de vs IRC Driven, and a small rant.  

  By: daniel on June 26, 2022, 7 p.m.

One thing that bothers me about netsplit.de is it is riddled with advertisements. Not just one or two, but I've seen pages riddled with numerous advertisements over their site. This site is basically trying to profit off YOUR networks. YOUR channels. YOUR users. I have explicitly decided not to have any type of advertisements. I do not feel it's worth it, I do not feel it would generate enough revenue without making the experience degraded.

The site also features no customizations. Again, these are YOUR IRC networks, not mine. I want you guys to personalize your network pages to reflect your network. That was why I was influenced back in 2006 to create IRC Driven. A few of us IRC veterans came together and realized SearchIRC was not giving enough to the users, the channels, the networks. The community was toxic, there was no innovation involved, and I wanted to change that.

Every detail of IRC Driven gets thought out of in detail, I have implemented several things based on suggestions of you guys. A few examples: LIST delays for IRC indexing and SSL support for the bots were ideas I had no even considered that when approached by other users, I decided it was a great idea and implemented it. SearchIRC and netsplit.de made networks bend to their ways, but I am constantly trying to find ways to make the site more convenient for you guys!

That is my mindset. I want to show how fun IRC still is. I use Discord, Slack, Facebook messenger, but honestly IRC is still my favorite chat platform and I don't see that changing. I want to remind people how fun it is.

With that, if you guys want to see something on the site, ask me. I will evaluate how difficult it will be to add it, and if I can either get it added or add it to my list. I am always open to suggestions.

Daniel Shafer
Founder / Lead Developer
IRC Driven Networks

Re: Thoughts on netsplit.de vs IRC Driven, and a small rant.  

  By: ComputerTech on May 14, 2023, 6:32 p.m.

Yeah, netsplit.de's advertisement def is annoying, although it can be fixed by using an ad blocker, but i prefer not to use them unless really needed, plus there's quite a few bugs on it depending on the browser from what i can tell.

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