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1 #chatters Welcome to #chatters the Official Chat Channel at ChamberIRC || For IRCd related development questions or ShaleServices please visit #devlounge || Logs: http://logs.mmzf.eu.org/ || Have a nice day! 21 An hour ago
2 #services 16 An hour ago
3 #chamberbnc Service NOW LIVE! - request a free BNC by typing !request or sending ChamberBNC a message helpful commands: !servers, !status <id provided in email here> i.e !status 7 16 An hour ago
4 #blohsh testing 7 An hour ago
5 ##uptime type ^sysuptime for random users machine uptime. 7 An hour ago
6 #babe Drama's dead to me, bye, bye 6 An hour ago
7 #idlerpg Please set a topic, and if necessary, register this channel. 6 An hour ago
8 #help Please ask if any staff is online. DO NOT PM any staff unless instructed to do so // If you don't get a response please email support@chamberIRC.net // ALL STAFF WILL BE CHANNEL OPERATORS 3 An hour ago
9 #peru |Bienvenidos a #Perú canal internacional de amistad general en Internet Relay Chat|! ( http://chatperu.webs.com - ¡¡Que viva el PERÚ Carajo!! ) 3 An hour ago
10 #chamberbnc-admin ChamberBNC Moderation Channel! 3 An hour ago
11 #i2p 2 2 days, 22 hours ago
12 #ircenjoy 2 An hour ago
13 #romania Welcome to #Romania. ( www.jw.org ) 2 An hour ago
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