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1 #cyberarmy https://www.cyberarmy.com || Zebulun is available by the good folks over at Abducted IRC: https:ca-zeb.com || Transfer Error (Bit Flip) 30 An hour ago
2 #idlerpg IdleRPG - Non-Interactive High Adventure For All! || `/msg idlerpg help` for help and info on how to get started || https://dropkick.cyberarmy.com/idlerpg/ 15 An hour ago
3 #help Welcome to the CAIRC Help Channel. Please be patient with any questions, as we may not respond immediately; but we will respond. More lively chat can be found at #cyberarmy 13 An hour ago
4 #m33p First rule of m33p club, don't talk about m33p club, second rule of m33p club, don't talk about m33p club, third rule of m33p club, if it's your first time, you gotta m33p! 11 An hour ago
5 #g3k.solutions g3k Solutions: https://g3k.solutions | GitHub: https://github.com/genius3000 | Modules for Anope: https://github.com/genius3000/anope-modules 5 An hour ago
6 #trivia Play Trivia, type .t2 ; Type .commands for help. Have fun! 5 An hour ago
7 #pylink A PyLink Relay is active between CAIRC, FreshChat, Undernet, and DALnet! 5 An hour ago
8 #freebsd Welcome to #FreeBSD 4 An hour ago
9 #android #Android The new CyberArmy shall have an Android branch. What purpose it will serve is yet to be determined. Idling is the current goal. 4 An hour ago
10 # ...---... 3 An hour ago
11 #counterstrike The CyberArmy Counter-Strike Fan Club | https://beta.leetify.com/invite/3d631dba-1894-4bae-a791-c76ba8ce22ab 2 An hour ago
12 #computertech Welcome to #computertech | 2 An hour ago
13 #compound 2 An hour ago
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