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1 #meta [+Hnrt 50:2w] Newnet IRC Network | Welcome to #meta - General chat channel. - Where the sheep go bahh - I'm speshul 57 An hour ago
2 #club [+Hnrt 50:2w] tilde.club the OG -- Official Tilde.Club IRC Channel. -- github: https://github.com/tildeclub -- info on our wiki https://tilde.club/wiki 47 An hour ago
3 #helpdesk [+Hnrt 50:2w] Newnet IRC Network - Official Newnet helpdesk channel Including: Services/General Network questions. For faster help ask Jeeves, Our bot. It wont always be 100% but it will answer quickly. 22 An hour ago
4 #newnet [+nrt] Welcome to Newnet IRC Network | Talk to us about how we are doing! What we can do to improve Newnet. We are all ears. | https://www.newnet.net/forums/ 17 An hour ago
5 #tildetel [+nrt] tilde.tel “Your $HOME Phone” - dusting off our cobwebs, https://tilde.tel/signup/ 14 An hour ago
6 #lobby [+Hnrt 50:2w] Newnet Lobby - Bring Snacks! ;) 8 An hour ago
7 #idleland [+nrt] idleland | for help goto: http://idlerpg.newnet.net 7 An hour ago
8 #computertech [+nrt] Welcome to #computertech | Happy New Year 2023! | Free soap when you bend over | red bottoms are earned manually 7 An hour ago
9 #tilde.green [+nrt] Welcome to #tilde.green /~/ Website: https://tilde.green /~/ PasteBin: https://paste.tilde.green /~/ Nextcloud: https://cloud.tilde.green /~/ ZNC: https://znc.tilde.green /~/ Git: https://git.tilde.green /~/ Protected users (&) are Staff, Voiced users are Users 7 An hour ago
10 #bots [+nrt] The #bots will take over the world.. one IRC network at a time! 7 An hour ago
11 #infrared [+nt] Welcome to #infrared | RIP PUMPBULL :'( https://soundcloud.com/eraser_pp4l/pumpbull 7 An hour ago
12 #waystation [+nrt] Main Entry: way station - Function: noun - 1 : a set station between principal stations on a line of travel (as a railroad) - 2 : an intermediate stopping place : RIP Syd : Under New Mangement 6 An hour ago
13 #tilderadio [+nt] 6 An hour ago
14 #offthegrid [+Hnrt 100:1w] Economics are crashing, digitocalypse is looming over, big brothers are coming after you, how could you survive? Discuss from privacy, technology decentralization, detaching from the system, to low/no-tech solutions for life's needs. 6 An hour ago
15 #fountain_pens [+nt] 5 An hour ago
16 #retrodigital [+nrt] Official RetroDigital IRC Channel | http://rdnetbbs.com | https://retrodigital.net | Lets chat! 5 An hour ago
17 #friendly_vcds [+nrt] Come in. Be friendly. Fade2Blac is gone but not forgotten. 4 An hour ago
18 #one [+nrt] tilde.one - There is no fun without One. Experience being the one: https://tildegit.org/one/setup | Watch the livestream of one: https://live.tilde.one/ 4 An hour ago
19 #fidonet [+nrt] Unofficial Fidonet Channel | http://fidonet.ca | Reddit: r/fidonet - Welcome! 4 An hour ago
20 #geocities [+Hnrt 50:2w] http://geocities.club - creating functional clone website of geocities. Try out the not done Geocities chat: http://chat.geocities.club 4 An hour ago
21 #books [+Hnrt 100:2w] Distraction-free, doesn't obsolete, needs no batteries; books are perfect media for knowledge and entertainment. Everybody should carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life. 4 An hour ago
22 #electronics [+Hnrt 100:1w] Chat about electronics and electrical works; no matter that you are being wannabe, hobbyist, or professional. 3 An hour ago
23 #scarlet [+nt] 3 An hour ago
24 #minesweeper [+nt] 3 An hour ago
25 #old-games [+nt] 3 An hour ago
26 #bay12games [+nt] 3 An hour ago
27 #net342 [+nrt] NET342 | Fidonet for Northern Alberta Canada Official IRC Channel - https://net342.region17.net Join us 3 An hour ago
28 #bbs-scene [+nrt] Officially Unofficial BBS-Scene IRC Channel - http://bbs-scene.org - Bring on the chat ;) 3 An hour ago
29 #bbs [+nrt] We like BBSes here :D also join #BBS-Scene 3 An hour ago
30 #ut99 [+nrt] .:ZfA:. Zarks Fallen Angels Official Unreal Tournament Server. https://zarksfallenangels.com 3 An hour ago
31 #idlerpg [+nrt] Newnet idlerpg - Come idle. We like idling. Idleing is fun! 3 An hour ago
32 #caligraphy [+nt] 3 An hour ago
33 #duckhunters [+Hnrt 100:2w] IRC duck hunters' association: fundraise for, or talk about your IRC duck hunting endeavors here. 3 An hour ago
34 #asia [+Hnrt 100:1w] Discussion about Asia, Asian countries, its people, and its culture. 3 An hour ago
35 #bladeforums.com [+nrt] <McWibbles> Jeremy I got your shaft polished 3 An hour ago
36 #netnews [+Hnrt 100:1w] From the big USENET, independent Netnews networks, to standalone Netnews boxes; discuss about the Internet's original distributed threaded discussion boards protocol, its usage, management of servers, and subculture of people within. 3 An hour ago
37 #soulz-chat [+nrt] IRCSoulZ lives on!!! 3 An hour ago
38 #offline [+nt] A discussion of "offline" protocols such as UUCP, email, and internet-by-email, which allow for intermittent internet access. 3 An hour ago
39 #dvd-rip-world [+nt] 2 An hour ago
40 #selfhosting [+nt] 2 An hour ago
41 #gemini [+nt] 2 An hour ago
42 #quirc [+nrt] quIRC, the console IRC client by soundnfury aka ec429 2 1 day, 13 hours ago
43 #magegame [+nt] 2 1 day, 21 hours ago
44 #politics [+nt] 2 An hour ago
45 #idle [+nt] 2 An hour ago
46 #animelounge [+nt] 2 An hour ago
47 #comicchat [+nrt] Welcome to #ComicChat - A place where MS Comic Chat is Welcome :) 2 An hour ago
48 #macstuff [+nt] searching for sdez 2 An hour ago
49 #gamechat [+nt] 2 An hour ago
50 #gprc [+nt] 2 An hour ago
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